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The ratp line 12 map is designed to make your journeys easier. This ratp paris metro rer map covers all 14 metro lines 16 if you include the bis. For those destinations youll have to download the paris rer map. Printable central paris metro plan enhanced by aboutfrance.

Paris metro tickets are valid for travel anywhere within zone 1 and all of the metro system is a single zone. Plan des lignes du metro, rer, bus et tramway ratp. To make your journeys easier, ratp provides you with all the maps for the metro, rer, tram and bus lines that make up the paris transport network. Pdf informations sur les travaux castor durant lete 2011 archive. Paris metro urban city subway is all a single zone although it has stations in both zones 12 as shown on this more detailed zone map including paris metro, rer and transilien intercity trains 900kb pdf, opens a new window. Tarifzonenplan metro paris, metro paris, tarifzonen, zone. Grand paris express is a group of new rapid transit lines being built in the iledefrance region. The majority of buses in paris are run by the ratp group who also run the metro and some of the. Telecharger les plans parisiens du metro, rer, bus, tramway. Ils sont interactifs et telechargeables en format pdf. Des bus map of paris and the iledefrance region ratp. The nice advantage over a pdf or paper map is that they will indicate your current position on the metro plan.

Retrouver toutes les infos en anglais sur paris metro. They are interactive and downloadable in pdf format. This pdf puts together paris metro and rer lines, station names. We looked at paris from a different prospective and it inspired us to create this fundamentally new map of paris metro system, regional trains, and trams. Paris bus route maps with city street plan in pdf or image file. Printable central paris metro plan enhanced by about. Both apps are available on iphones, ipads and android devices. Vacances arts guides voyages vacances loisirs guides voyages. If you need to figure out where you are or where you need to be, it helps to start with a familiar map. There are two very useful apps to help you easily navigate paris metro. Detailed official paris metro rer map perfect to download on phone tablet or print on 4x6 photo paper.

A revised plan for the proposed grand paris express subway system was unveiled. Paris zone 2 zone2 3 zone3 4 zone 4 zone 5 zone 5 iledefrance 32 46 wap. You can also print it out and hang it on a wall in a square frame. Plan metro ratp online world map, map of world ratp plan metro ratp plan metro. Line 1 all stations between concorde and etoile line 2.

Click on the map to enlarge download the map pdf 1. Las perturbaciones son importantes durante las huelgas. It is run by the paris metro management company ratp. They are free apps published by the company that runs paris metro lines, ratp. Lutilisation du plan est autorisee uniquement a des fins non commerciales. Download or print a pdf version of the map showing all the stations on line 12. Paris metro map pdf in english interesting things to do in paris. The paris metro is run by ratp, and their website will always contain. As it is pretty hard to find his way in paris, find below differents maps. Les perturbations sont importantes lors des greves. Ratp route maps of paris buses including a city street plan. But of course, paris metro is more than just a map. Plan touristique paris france a imprimer et a telecharger en pdf.

Interactive map of metro and subway in paris public transport in paris rer, metro subway, tram and trains find your way in paris using the interactive metro or subway map. Bus paris, plan bus ratp paris hd plan metro paris. Plan touristique paris carte touristique paris france. Passenger services maratp, the companion to your every moment and wish. Paris metro map includes official ratp map and route. See the des bus map for paris and the iledefrance region, showing the ratp. Le plan du metro parisien est concu pour faciliter vos trajets dans paris. See the metro map for paris and the iledefrance region. The metro rer zones are not printed on this map but the darker shade is zone 2, with the lighter tanbeige being zone 1 or central paris. It is always easier to use an interactive maps for metro and public transports in paris. Telechargez le plan general du reseau noctilien pdf 571. The ratp map is the first thing youll see when opening the app and it will match all of the maps you see on the metro.

Ratp and the city of paris are pleased to announce that the new paris bus ne. Ratp paris metro line 12 trains at notredamedelorette. For those who prefer large print, print this pdf metro map using regular or high. The interactive paris metro map is a very comprehensive tool to plan your next public transport trip in paris. This ratp paris metro rer map covers all 14 metro lines 16 if you include the bis lines and the 5 regional train lines rer a to e. Les plans du reseau trains, rer, metro, bus et tramways en ilede.

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