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Recent advances in paper mill sludge management 75 recyclers are producing two to four times more sludge as virgin pulp mills but the characteristics of pms vary, depending on pulp and paper mill. In recent years, the nutritional values of pulp and paper mill sludge compost attract researchers attentions. However, however, evidence to support the need for inoculation to facilitate ppms composting has only been demonstrated in one instance. Dua, a the department of chemical and biological engineering and ubc pulp and paper centre, university of british columbia, 2216 main mall, vancouver, british columbia, canada v6t 1z4 b fletcher challenge canada ltd, elk falls pulp and paper, po box 2000. Design considerations for pulp and papermill sludge landfills. Deinking paper sludge dps and primary sludge ps containing 20% secondary sludge from a paper mill were characterized as to their suitability for the manufacture of medium density fiberboard.

With roughly 20,000 tons of sludge going into the rrocess each year, the company is one of the larger com posters of paper mill sludge in the country. N ratios, the most optimal performance was obtained with c. As our sludge is biologically very poor, just as it comes from the mill, it needs an inocu lum. Present study was conducted on paper mill based on used paper. In six parallely aerated 500 1 vessels with various carbon. Hazarika and khwairakpam evaluated the use of rotary drum to compost primary paper mill sludge and transform it into a high.

We assessed the potential for composting the virginia fibre corporations vfc combined primary and secondary dewatered paper mill sludge pms and evaluated the suitability of the finished product as a potting soil substitute. Gas exchange during the static phase was found to be limited to the outer periphery of the windrow with interstitial o 2. If municipal solid waste is used in compost, it is put through a mechanical separation process prior to its use to remove nonbiodegradable items such as glass, plastics and certain paper goods uscc, 2000. Composting is controlled decomposition, the natural breakdown process of organic residues. The purpose of this study is to improve the fertilizer quality of pulp and paper. Disposing of secondary sludge in the recovery boiler. Characterizing and determing beneficial use of paper production. Pulp and paper mill industries are always associated with the disposal problem of highly contaminated sludge or biosolids. Composting is one stabilization technique used to prevent uncontrolled primary mill sludge pms decay. Organics has been composting paper mill sludge along with municipal biosolids for more than 10 years. Enhancing anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper mill biosludge using thermal treatment in a benchscale system masters of applied science 2015 xian meng huang department of chemical engineering and applied chemistry, university of toronto abstract. Vermicomposting of solid pulp and paper mill sludge sppms.

Pulp and paper mill sludge ppms was found to be poorly colonised with thermophilic microorganisms. Graphs 3 and 4 illustrate the obtained temperature curves. Aerobic composting and anaerobic digestion of pulp and. Mechanical dewatering of these sludges cannot lower the moisture content significantly below 50%, and typical values can be in the range from. However, the utility of pulp and paper sludge as a fertilizer is hampered by its low nitrogen content. The organic composition of a primary pulp and paper mill sludge pms was determined by carbon cross polarization nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy with magic angle spinning c cp mas nmr, fouriertransformed infrared spectroscopy ftir, and chemical extraction methods. Utilization includes composting, application to forest and degraded sites, recycling, and. This study examines the feasibility of using a benchscale anaerobic digestion ad system. Pdf paper mill sludge composting and compost utilization. Cocomposting paper mill sludges wellowgate publications. The material is a byproduct of the deinking and repulping of paper. Malek alkasrawi, a,b, zayed alhamamre, c mohammad alshannag, c md joynal abedin, d and eric singsaas b the state of wisconsin has existing pulp mill infrastructure capable of converting wood into biofuel and valueadded products such as lumber, pulp, and paper. Economically viable and environmentally acceptable methods to recycle organic wastes are needed by the pulp and paper industry. Managing paper and pulp industry byproduct waste utilizing.

Assessment of periodic turning as an aeration mechanism. The soil was a sandy loam with good drain age characteristics. Sewage sludge and its organic matter content compost turner. Chemical characterisation and compostrecycling of a pulp. The development of innovative systems to maximize recovery of useful materials andor energy in a sustainable way has become necessary. Waste paper mill sludge the national academies press. It can be used in making briquettes, cement sludge products, moulded products etc. Effects of different agrobased materials on composting of. The experimental setupconsisted oftwo pile heights 2 and 3. The cpmas c nmr spectrum of the pms shows, in addition to strong cellulose signals.

Australian newsprint mills is a pulp and paper mill located in southern tasmania. Feasibility of using coal ash residues as cocomposting materials for sewage sludge, environmental technology, 18, 563568, doi. Currently most of this waste is landfilled, but land application of sludge has several potential benefits. In general, kraft pulp mill sludge tends to have a higher sulfur content, while deinking mill sludge has a greater ash content. Pdf economically viable and environmentally acceptable methods to recycle organic wastes are needed by the pulp and paper industry. The disposal of industrial paper mill sludge waste is a big issue and has a great importance all over. March 1993 extract fro municipalm mixed papersludge compost study, e. This project was the subject of a paper presented at the international chemical. With wastewater treatment increasing, it creates another materials to deal with. We must prohibit the land spreading of pulp mill sludge until these waste materials are known to be safe. Pdf composting of pulp and paper mill sludge by using.

This company produces approximately 50000 tonnes of pulp and paper mill sludge pms per year, all of which is currently landfilled. Pdf composting of pulp and paper mill sludge by using different. Composting paper mill deinking sludge with forced aeration. Amberg project 12040 esv program element 1b2037 project officer mr. Pulp and paper mill effluent management elnakar 2019. Leachate from paper mill residuals pr used as a compost. As the current and fill site is nearing full capacity, this study was developed to assess whether compostingcould potentially replace landfilling, with use of the resulting material. Original research managing paper and pulp industry by. Scott pacific northwest environmental research laboratory national environmental research center corvallis, oregon 97330. Introduction cellulose is the main raw material of paper while scrap papers are not used in. Paper sludge paper mill sludge is a major economic and environmental problem for the paper and board industry. The pulp and paper industry is the second largest industrial water consumer in europe with a usage of 35 m3ton paper and a.

The role of experimental factors on the removal of ammonium was examined by using the full factor experimental design ffed. Pdf composting board paper mill sludge with different. Solid waste management in pulp and paper industry in india. Sludge dewatering and disposal in the pulp and paper industrky. Reach for unbleached when you buy only unbleached paper products, including toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels, you send a powerful message to pulp mills that lets them know youre serious about cleaning up the environment.

Sc, bioresource engineering, university of british columbia, 1996 a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of applied science in the faculty of graduate studies. Pdf recent advances in paper mill sludge management. The sludge was pumped to the field and spread in a 76 to. Static pile forced aeration was used as an alternative to mechanical pile turning to compost paper mill deinking sludge. Pulp and paper mill sludges pms are a significant byproduct of the paper making industry worldwide, and composting with mineral nutrients in tasmania is viewed as the most environmentally suitable method to convert this material into a horticultural product, thus eliminating the need for landfilling. After treatment, the water samples are tested in a laboratory to meet e uent permit regulations. Epar273232 may 1973 methods for pulp and paper mill sludge utilization and disposal by dr. Composting of pulp and paper mill power boiler fly ash with wastewater treatment sludge by graydon alexander ross hackett b. Cpmas c nmr spectra of whatman cellulose, paper mill sludge, hardwood sawdust, and of the composting paper mill sludgehardwood sawdust mixtures on days 0, 6, and 17. The total quantity of paper mill sludge produced in the uk annually is approximately 1 million tonnes 2. Look for newspaper, cardboard, computer paper, paper towels and paper plates. However, few studies have been reported on pulp and paper mill sludges e. Characterization and feasibility assessment of recycled paper mill. The composting of primary sludge was achieved with cow dung and sawdust amendments in 5 different proportions without any additional supplements.

The composting studies made use of primary and secondary sludge from a deinking and paper mill. Send the word out to your family, friends and business associates that youre on the lookout for paper, and you should quickly accrue a large collection of this carbonrich compost ingredient. In the first stage of this research, a secondary pulppapermill sludge spp, provide by abitibibowater thunder bay operations was gasified at temperatures of 400550oc for 20 to 120 min in a highpressure batch reactor for h 2 production. Between pulp mill and paper mill sludges, the former tends to. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the feasibility of aerobic composting and anaerobic digestion for the treatment of pulp and paper mill sludges. Organic composition of a pulp and paper mill sludge. The art and science of composting center for integrated. Depending on sludge compostion and local legislation, mechanically dewatered sludge can be used as a fertilizer or compost in agriculture or horticulture. Paper fiber sludge typical 250 66 1,140 paper mill sludge typical 0. To achieve a quick microbial coloniza tion, we tested a commercial concentrated inoculum and bovine manure in the ther mophilic phase. The mill pays the hauling costs and the contractor sells the compost produced in bulk to fanners area.

The effectiveness of periodic turning as a method of aerating a pulp and paper mill sludge pms produced by australian newsprint mills during windrow composting was determined by monitoring spatial and temporal changes in o 2 consump tion and co 2 accumulation in situ. Chemical changes during composting of a paper mill sludge. Optimization of process parameters for composting of pulppaper mill sludge with hazelnut kernel using a statistical method an effective way to remove ammonium from compost using hazelnut kernels hk has been presented. Compost was produced in windrows 50 m long, 4 m high and 6 m wide. Composting of pulp and paper mill power boiler fly ash. The major byproducts from the pulp and paper waste stream are bird and talberth 2008. Compared with dps, ps had a lower ash content, higher holocellulose content, more and longer fibers, lower ph, and higher buffering capacity.

Enhancing anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper mill. Characterization and utilization of pulp and paper mill. Paper mill sludge composting and compost utilization. Management of pulp and paper mill waste pratima bajpai. Paper and food cocomposting project, american soil, parlin nj, 1992. Army engineer waterways experiment station vicksburg, mississippi 39l8d interagency agreement no. Aerobic composting and anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper mill. In either case, mechanically dewatered sludge still may contain heavy metal ions and pathogens. Landreth solid and hazardous waste research division municipal environmental research laboratory cincinnati. Composting produce waste and wax coaled cardboard using a low. Nutrient concentrations of paper mill biosolids vary according to the pulping method and the level of microbial decomposition that has occurred during secondary treatment 8.

Land application is frequently practiced for sludge management. Activated sludge treatment of paper mill effluents. Spectroscopic studies showed that the pms consisted of cellulose type i, which is present in ordinary. Papermill sludge composting and compost utilization p2 infohouse. Composting produces a stabilized product that can be used as a beneficial soil amendment. Methods for pulp and paper mill sludge utilization and. Composting, board paper mill sludge, carbonrich materials, cn ratio 1. If not, landfill or sludge destruction is the remaining option.

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