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The pretrip inspection is a requirement for your drivers test and is usually tested before the parking and driving. Cdl practice tests for pretrip inspection 2018 page 3. Full details of the pretrip inspection requirements are given in the new official k53 manual. Inside and outside motor vehicle inspection checklist for k53 drivers test. This system of knowledge reinforcement applies to all sections of this book.

We have some great resources to help you learn to drive and prepare for the k53 driving tests lmv light motor vehicles. Check righthand portion of windscreen clean and serviceable. A physical pre trip inspection shall be executed irrespective of the weather conditions on. At the end of this section there is a mock test similar to that compiled by. You have to provide the vehicle that you can do your k53 test on. The test shall commence with the pretrip inspections. How to do the k53 pretrip inspection to pass my license. The k53 pretrip inspection of the vehicle the examiner will accompany you to the vehicle, where a pretrip exterior inspection will be conducted prior to entering the vehicle. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Get your drivers pass your south african driving test first time. A yard test of your basic manoeuvring skills, away from traffic. A pretrip inspection of the vehicles roadworthiness. There are also computerised practice tests with answers and explanati ons and a.

Department of transport k53 practical driving test for motor vehicle drivers volume 1 light motor vehicle code b. Complete k53 yard test at waltloo by top instructor himself. During a pretrip inspection you should show the examiner that you can check the lighting indicators for. K53 test scoring method k53 test immediate failure items the k53 pre trip inspection of the vehicle the k53 yard test manoeuvres motor vehicles the k53 road test motor vehicles k53 motorcycle riding test k53 motorcycle test track layout k53 motorcycle riding test overview of the test this is a practical test to determine the riding. Cdl practice tests for pretrip inspection 2018 page 4. It is performed before you commence your test and demonstrates that as a driver, know what checks to follow to determine the safety of the vehicle.

The pretrip inspection is part of the drivers test and divided into 3 parts. The examiner may allow minor defects to be rectified. Open right side door, wind the window down and close the door. K53 pre trip inspection lets go get your license duration. The k53 exterior pretrip inspection introduction to the k53 pretrip inspection the k53 pretrip inspection is a vehiclecheck that you are legally required to do before you drive your vehicle on a public road, to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. K53 south africa is the most popular free learners license app in south africa, thousands have tried it and thousands have passed. Learn the following steps and youll create a good first impression in the eyes of the examiner. Practical driving test for motor vehicle drivers volume 1 light motor vehicles code b. K53 south africa app helps you prepare for the k53 learner s license test and pass it, the first time. Practical driving test for motor vehicle drivers arrive alive. We are a free site that aims to help south african learners pass their drivers licence test. Check under vehicle for oil, water leaks and obstructions.

Department of transport k53 foresight publications. The new official k53 manual for the learners and driving. The k53 south africa is a quick app for learning and testing how ready you are for. New updated k53 test manuals to be implemented from 7 april 2006. K53 south africa will help you prepare for your learners test and pass it, the first time. Open the door from the inside, wind window up and close the door. Department of transport k53 practical driving test for motor vehicle drivers volume 1 light motor vehicle code b august 2005 downloaded from za with compliments of.

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